Intex Pool Supplies

You’ve just purchased a new above ground pool and your kids could not be happier. There’s so much more to do, your family spends time together constantly, and the sounds of laughter are rolling through your backyard. A pool really acted to bring your family together.

That’s the perfect story every new pool owner wants to have, but many of them look into their backyard and see something missing. They have the pool but they’re missing the rest of the story because they don’t have the accessories to make their pool stand out and improve their family’s swimming experience.

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If you’re looking for you’re above ground pool story to change for the better, you might need one or all of these five accessories. They’re guaranteed to breathe new life into your pool whether it’s brand new or you’ve had it for years.

  1. Solar Pool Covers: Solar intex pool covers take the sun’s own heat to naturally keep your pool warmer. Save on expensive pool heaters and use a solar cover to length your pool’s usable season. Kids won’t hesitate to jump in when the water has been warmed by the right pool cover.
  2. Pool Heaters: Use your intex pool heater during the fall and spring to enjoy your pool for a longer season. Click the link to see different heating options we’ve reviewed.
  3. Intex Pool Pumps: Click the link for reviews and models of pool pumps.
  4. Pool Boats: Take your boring pool and turn it into a fun and engaging place to play with a pool boat. These boats look like those you might find white water rafting, complete with an oar, but instead they’re perfect for lazy or playful days on the pool.
  5. Pool Lights: Dark pools can be foreboding and dangerous. Liven up your pool for after-hours fun with a pool-wall light. They’re easy to install and change the visuals and hours of operation for your pool, making it more fun for longer.
  6. Floating Coolers: Along with other floating lounges, chairs, and toys, give your pool a floating cooler. It’s like a waiter than can safely bring you drinks on ice all over the pool. With a floating cooler your pool will suddenly transform into party central whether it’s for the kids around the neighborhood or for a lazy night with adults.
  7. Beach Ball: There’s a reason the beach ball is the classic water toy. It can totally transform a boring pool by itself. Beach balls are a blast to play with and just look right when floating around a pool for some unexplainable reason. If you don’t have one, this is the first affordable step to making your pool more enjoyable.

Add any or all of these five accessories to your above ground pool and you’ll be a much happier pool owner.

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On this site you’ll find information on all sorts of Intex pool supplies. You’ll get free independent reviews, links to the best discounts on the web, and the latest and greatest above ground pool news. Above ground pools can be the best thing you have ever purchased for your family, or they can be a complete drag. Make them fun! Don’t let them ruin your backyard.